Put your Heart in to Social Care in the North East

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Put Your Heart into Social Care North East
Adult social care organisations across the North East urgently need kind, caring and compassionate people like you to help them provide essential services to those that need it most.

You may have previously worked in adult social care and wish to return to the sector, or you might be new to adult social care but possess fantastic skills that you can transfer to one of three vital roles.

•    Care Worker
•    Kitchen Assistants
•    Domestic Assistants

You can find all you need to apply for these roles below, including an outline job description (Click here to download).

Relevant training will be provided for all new employees

So, are you able to engage with and listen to people, ensuring the best possible outcomes for them?

If the answer is YES, then we need you!

To apply follow the steps below -
If you are applying on a desktop computer
1. Register or Log in to the North East Jobs website.
2. Click on the person icon in the top right of the screen.
3. Click 'My Talent Profile'.
4. Under 'Profile Status' click the button 'Turn On' to make your profile active.
5. Complete the sections in the box titled 'Your Talent Pool Profile'.
6. Complete the elements which relate to your skills and requirements in the 'I Am Looking For' section.
7. In 'Talent Pool Membership' Click 'Select Talent Pools'.  On the screen that appears add yourself to the Pool titled 'Social Care Talent Pool'.  This is important as this is the only pool which will be checked in the processing of potential candidates.  Once the pool is selected click 'Save'.

That is it, your details will then be made accessible to the administrators processing the vacancies through the North East Jobs site. 

If you are applying on a mobile phone
1. Register or Log in to the North East Jobs website.
2. Click on the three lines of dots in the top right of the screen.
3. Click on 'My Account'.  Once the page has loaded click on 'User Talent Pool'. 
From here please go to step 4 above and follow the same process as you would if using a desktop computer.

If you work in Adult Social Care, you may qualify as a key worker for childcare and other services.
Undertaking a role in adult social care puts you more at risk of being exposed to COVID 19 however your employer will ensure that you are provided with the necessary training and protective equipment to carry out the role safely. You should only consider this if you are confident that you, and everyone that you live with, are in good health.
Put your heart into social care

What skills and experience are you looking for?
You do not need specific experience or expertise in social care to help. If you are caring and compassionate and willing to get involved and want to make a positive difference to someone’s life, then we will have a role for you.  
The application form will allow you to specify where you feel your expertise lies.  Remember to think about your broader set of skills and experience that you can draw upon to show you could work in adult social care setting.
You can learn more about the diversity of roles in adult social care here: https://www.everydayisdifferent.com

How long do you need me for?
We are looking for a variety of roles with varying durations from short term assignments, to casuals to even permanent positions.  The duration of any position will be agreed between you and the employing organisation prior to the start of a job. The period of time you will be required is dependent upon the extent of support the Council requires as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak or whether they have any permanent longer-term assignments available.

What will be my employment status?
Each organisation will make it clear whether the offer of employment is on a permanent, casual or fixed term basis.

Who will pay me and how?
You will be paid directly by the organisation who has employed you.

Will I have to be interviewed?
Each organisation will have their own policy and procedure around how they select new employees and they will explain this to you before any selection process is started.  The likelihood is that organisation will want to speak to you and may choose to do so via face time, skype or other social media applications.

Will pre-employment and reference checks be carried out?
If you are offered a position, each organisation will conduct their own pre-employment checks and references in accordance with the requirements of the job. This will involve some or all of the following checks:
•    Right to Work in UK
•    Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Checks including criminal record checks
•    Qualifications and Professional Registrations if required
•    References

Who can I contact if I need help with my application?
Should you have any help with completing the application please contact us using the sites facilities linked here - https://www.northeastjobs.org.uk/contactus

What happens once I have submitted by profile/application?
Your profile/application will be held on the North East Job’s Social Care talent pool.  Each local authority has access to this and will work alongside other external organisations (such as private residential homes) to match your application/profile to what they are looking for.  The recruiting organisation will then be in touch as soon as possible should they wish to discuss your profile/application further.     

Put your heart into social care

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