Job Categories

The vacancies on this site have been sorted into categories to make searching for particular types of vacancy easier. It is sometimes better to broaden your search by searching more than one category, to increase the number of suitable vacancies returned. Below is a description of each of the job categories listed on this site.

Admin/Secretarial/Customer Services

Administration and clerical support roles including office and school based posts, e.g. Admin Assistant, Business Support Officer.


Many of our employers have rolling programmes of apprenticeships offering the opportunity to people aged between 16 and 24 to gain valuable experience whilst studying to achieve NVQ Level 1 and 2.


Architects provide a full range of architectural services to meet the requirements of the organisation. The nature of the work varies widely and incorporates the design and procurement of new buildings, alteration and refurbishment of existing buildings, conservation work, survey and feasibility work, advice on condition, use and maintenance of existing building stock, contract administration and report writing. Chartered surveyors are responsible for the management, valuation, development and measurement of land, property and buildings.


Includes arts planning, development and delivery of arts based events and programmes. Tourism staffs are responsible for the development of a council’s tourism strategy, the promotion of tourism and support for tourism related businesses in a local area.

Building Maintenance/Caretaking

Caretaker roles based in offices, the community and schools.


Catering and cleaning roles based in offices and schools.


Roles related to construction.

Democratic Services/Registrar

Democratic services support a council’s decision-making process, maintaining records of committee papers, managing the constitution and appeals processes. Jobs in this area include Democratic Services Officer, Political Assistant and Committee Administrator.

Registrars manage the statutory registration of births, deaths and marriages and co-ordinate citizenship ceremonies. Roles include Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages and Citizenship Co-ordinator.


All teaching and non-teaching posts based in councils or schools.

Environmental Health/Trading Standards

Environmental Health teams are involved in a wide range of activities covering food safety, public health, occupational health, housing and environmental protection.

Trading Standards Officers work to safeguard the public – they help to protect businesses and consumers from rogue traders and illegal trading practices.

Environmental Services/Waste/Recycling/Parks

Services to oversee the safe disposal of waste, plan and develop environmental action plans and carry out schemes for recycling waste materials such as glass, paper and cans. Parks officers oversee the maintenance, management and development of a local council’s parks and recreational open spaces. It is their job to ensure that parks and open spaces meet the needs of the local community, but also take into account environmental considerations.


All managerial and Executive level posts.


Finance covers a range of services providing accounting, audit, transactional Human Resources and payroll, debt collection, invoice payment, and procurement. Job titles include Human Resources and Payroll Assistant, Finance Assistant, Audit Officer and Procurement Manager.

Fire and Rescue

Uniformed and non-uniformed posts working for the Fire and Rescue services


Graduate opportunities in the public sector

Health and Safety

Health & Safety Officers work to advise and ensure a commitment to safety is maintained by all departments of a council, under its requirements for complying with all statutory duties in respect of health and safety legislation.


Housing teams are responsible for the day to day management of council’s housing services. The range of responsibilities might include assessing the needs of homeless people and council tenants, developing housing policies for the area and dealing with vacant properties. Roles might include Housing Manager, Housing Assistant and Homelessness Officer.


Human Resources (HR) and training provide a service for all aspects of employment. This includes roles in employee relations, shared services, employee counselling, health and safety, occupational health and learning, training and development.


ICT manages the IT infrastructure ensuring the efficient operation of hardware and software. Job titles include Applications Analyst, Business Relationship Manager, IT Support Officer, Network Officer, Applications Analyst and Infrastructure Officer.


Responsible for managing legal obligations for children and community services, property, planning, contracts and litigation, roles include Solicitors, Lawyers and Legal Assistants.


Working in public libraries helping make available a wide range of books, magazines, music, CDs and internet access


Trades including carpenters, electricians, plumbers and transport posts.


Communications Officers are responsible for the positive promotion of a local council and its activities. Communication Officers might also be known as Marketing or Public Relations Officers.


This category contains those jobs that do not belong to a particular or definite category.

Planning/Building Control

Anyone wanting to build or develop land within an authority needs to gain permission from the Planners first. It’s within this framework that Planning Technicians provide support for the professional Planners.

Building Control Officers (BCOs) work in the building industry, ensuring that regulations on public health, safety, energy conservation and disabled access are met.


This area includes research, policy review, policy development and analyst roles to support councillors in their statutory overview and scrutiny roles. Roles include Policy Officer and Research Officer.

Regeneration/Economic Development

Regeneration Officers help communities start a new company, advice groups on what grants they could get, obtain funds to improve housing or develop transport systems. Regeneration is often linked closely with both community development and economic development.

Economic development is all about improving the economy of an area by attracting new businesses, encouraging investment opportunities, increasing job opportunities, promoting leisure and tourism and identifying opportunities for sustainable growth and development. Economic Development Officers draw up local economic development strategies and implement actions to achieve all this.

Schools - Support

To provide effective administrative and financial management support and ensure the smooth organisation of the school office.

Schools – Teaching

All teaching posts.

Social Care: Adult Services

Posts covering day services, residential care, assessment services for older people, adults with learning disabilities, physical disabilities and mental health issues. Job roles include Social Worker, Care Worker, Occupational Therapist, etc.

Social Care: Children Services

These jobs support children and families who experience difficulty in their lives. Main areas of work are looking after children in care by providing residential and foster homes or arranging adoption, supporting young people leaving care and dealing with cases of neglect or child abuse. Job roles include Social Worker, Residential Support Worker, Family Support Worker, etc.

Traffic/Highways/Road Safety

Jobs in this area relate to the street environment including street care services, traffic and road safety, waste and recycling services, parking services, highways and street cleansing and highways maintenance. Job roles include Civil Enforcement Officer, School Crossing Patrol, Coach Escort, Driver, etc.

Work experience

Work placement opportunities in the public sector.

Youth/Community/Leisure Services

Working with young people to develop their personal and social education, on a range of projects, typical jobs include Youth Worker and Careers Co-ordinator.

Leisure Services include parks and countryside, museums and galleries, libraries and information services etc. Typical jobs include Leisure Services Development Officers and Leisure Assistants (sometimes known as Recreation Attendants or Sports Centre.