How to apply

Job’s advertised on the site has a job description and a person specification. This extra information is intended to help you decide whether or not you should apply for the position. depending on if the post is a good match for your skills, knowledge and experience. We would strongly encourage any applicants to read the job description and person specification before applying.

The Job Description
This document describes the role and responsibilities of the job. It will describe the main purpose of the job and will list the tasks and duties which you will be expected to perform if you are appointed.

The Person Specification
This document details, the skills, knowledge and experience required for any person to be able to do the job. You should demonstrate how you meet these requirements with clear examples in your application.

The Application Form
The information you provide within this form will be read by recruiters to enable them to decide if you will be shortlisted for an interview. It is essential that the information you provide relates to the job requirements outlined in the job description and person specification.  When you are applying please note that you should save details on a regular basis.  Security protocols on the site will automatically log out inactive accounts after 90 minutes.  If you are writing large sections of text please ensure that you save these on a regular basis to avoid losing any information or alternatively these can be written in a word processor or text editor and then pasted into the site.

What Happens to Old Application Forms
Once a vacancy has been fully processed it is archived by the organisation you applied to (if using the online North East Jobs forms).  Twelve months after the vacancy has been archived the details of the applications are made anonymous.  If you have had your Talent Profile active when you completed the form information such as Education, Employment, References and Personal Contact details will be stored there.  The rest of your application will be inaccessible as the data will be expunged from the system.  This is to ensure that we meet with Data Protection requirements and do not store unnecessary data relating to individuals. 
If you feel that you would be able to make use of the data in an older application form you can print to a pdf or printer while viewing the form.  You can then store this on your own system for future use.