Hints and tips

Here are a few tips that will hopefully make the application process easier and help your application stand out from the crowd.

  • Do your research and find out about the organisation and job before applying.
  • Allow time to read the Job Description. The Job Description describes the role and responsibilities and also lists the duties you will be expected to perform if you are appointed to the role. Please remember to provide information relating to how you can meet the job requirements on your application form.
  • Carefully consider the Person Specification. The Person Specification will outline the skills, knowledge and experience required for the the job. Try to demonstrate how you meet these requirements with clear examples on your application form.
  • When filling in your application form put your most recent position/work experience/qualifications first.
  • The shortlisting panel will decide if you will be shortlisted for an interview based on your answers within this form, so it's important that your answers provide information relating to the job requirements outlined in the job description and person specification.
  • Remember that experience gained through voluntary work, personal development, a relevant hobby, internship or other activities is also valid. So if it's relevant experience, include it in your application.
  •  Keep an eye on the closing date for applications. You've put alot of work into your application so make sure this doesn't go to waste by submitting your form before the closing date.