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Darlington is a busy and attractive market town, surrounded by some striking countryside and close to the North Yorkshire National Park and the Yorkshire Dales, with easy links to the Lake District, the coast and Northumbria.

Its thriving retail and entertainment sector means there's always plenty to see and do. Housing is varied and reasonably priced and other major regional towns and cities are within easy reach.

Our schools offer a diverse range of provision, meeting the needs of the whole community (73% of our schools have been judged by Ofsted as either good or outstanding) and we also have two outstanding colleges.

In addition, we have an excellent road and rail network, with a regional airport close by offering easy access to the rest of the UK and Europe.

Darlington has a clear ambition to maintain and develop its role as a regional and sub-regional hub, in areas as diverse as retail, office development, industry and entertainment.

The quite exceptional level of partnership working has led to solid achievements in attracting inward investment. Moreover, this has enabled the community, the Council, health, education and Police to crystallise a single, focussed vision for Darlington's future.

With a strong sense of civic purpose and community cohesion, Darlington presents a very attractive prospect as a place to live and work.

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