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Gateshead Council recognises that, at all stages of their working lives, people perform most effectively when their working and personal lives do not conflict.

The Council is committed to policies and working practices that enable its employees to strike a mutually beneficial balance between the needs of the Council, its service users and other stakeholders, and the commitments of home and family life. However, where these conflict, the Council’s services and customers’ needs must take priority.

There needs to be a commitment from all parties concerned to striking this balance. To achieve this:

• Managers and employees will be encouraged to work together to find new and innovative ways of working.
• Work Life Balance policies will help employees to successfully combine work with non-work responsibilities.
• The commitment to Work Life Balance and related policies and practices will be publicised and communicated to employees.
• Gateshead Council will be promoted as an employer of choice.
• Employees must recognise their role in providing services through the Council to the Community.
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